Finding Spa Services for Your Pet

Finding Spa Services for Your Pet

We know how rejuvenating a spa session can be for humans, but did you know it could be just as enjoyable for your pet? Spa services such as grooming and bathing help keep your dog or cat neat, clean and smelling fresh. They can also help keep your pet healthy, as the pet stylists are another set of eyes and ears that can notice any early changes in your dog or cat’s wellbeing.

As a responsible pet owner, you probably groom your pet regularly. Proper brushing not only detangles hairs, gets rid of dead skin cells and dirt, but also can be the first line of defense in removing external parasites that otherwise might leech on to your pet.

If you have a squirmy, active pet, thorough grooming may be more a wish than a reality. A spa service might be just the thing to ensure your beloved companion is getting regular brushing by professionals who are trained and used to squirmy and active!

But finding the right service is key. Since your pet can’t tell you how the service is, you should know the questions to ask to ensure your pet’s spa session is truly a treat.

Is the Spa Hygienic?

Look for a reputable service. Humans can develop infections after spa treatments when unclean water or dirty tools are used: make sure your pets don’t run that same risk. Ask about the spa’s hygiene procedures and visit prior to an appointment to make sure those procedures are followed.

Are the Products Used Pet-Friendly?

Make sure products used on your pet are made for animals, not humans. Some products, such as certain nail polishes and hair dyes are intended for humans, but can be harmful to your dog or cat. Nail polishes that contain dibutylphthalate (DBP), toluene, and formaldehyde can make your pet sick if they lick their nails and ingest it. Shampoo is another product whose human version can be too harsh for a pet.

Are Spa Employees Knowledgeable About Animals?

Brushing a dog’s fur may be simple enough, but understanding and meeting the needs of different types of animals, different breeds as well as different temperaments isn’t always so easy. Observe the pet stylists to see how they interact with the animals. Find out if they can answer questions you have, such as what’s the best way to lessen shedding, or the best method for detangling a furry coat.

At Dogwood Veterinary Hospital and Pet Resort, our focus is on the overall health and care of your pet. At our spa, dogs and cats can feel pampered while their hygiene needs are addressed. Fido or Fifi’s spa day might start with a luxurious bath with shampoos made specifically for pets. Follow that up with a full service groom that is tailored to your dog or cat’s needs, (based on the coat condition, type and animal breed), and includes nail filing and ear cleaning. A gentle facial rounds out the day.

In addition, we offer teeth brushing, treatments to reduce shedding and one on one spa service.

For more information about spa services that help keep your pet healthy and looking good, please call Dogwood Veterinary Hospital and Pet Resort at 919-942-6330.

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