Pamper Your Pet at a Pet Resort—Even When You’re Away

Everyone wants a vacation or an occasional weekend away to recharge, relax and get pampered. But how do you go away, guilt free, knowing you’re leaving your pet behind?

For many pets, being left at home, even for a day or two is not the answer. Who will walk your dog? Who will make sure your cat has enough water? Who will make sure your pet isn’t anxious after last night’s thunderstorm? Although you can hire someone to come to your house to check on your pet, social animals still crave more than a few minutes of attention during the day.

That’s why many pet owners in the Triangle rely on the pet resort at Dogwood Veterinary Hospital. Dogwood provides a playful, vacation experience for your pet while you’re at work, away for the day or longer.

Dogwood starts with clean accommodations and individual care tailored for the needs and enjoyment of dogs and cats during meals, walks, cleaning and relaxation.

If your dog or pet needs a little more attention, we offer a full menu of amenities including playtime, hair brushing, cuddle time, massage and extra long walks.

Although cats and dogs may get along famously, we find they each enjoy their own domain at our resort. Cats can relax in one of our 18 Catdominiums, which can accommodate several family members and feature tranquil indoor and outdoor views.

Our canine suites are big enough for dogs of any size, as well as family members. Indoor and outdoor dogs feel at home here, with three indoor, climate controlled playrooms and nine large outdoor play yards, as well as four acres of woods and trails. With activities to keep the most energetic pet entertained and quiet times for those who want to rest, Dogwood helps your pet feel welcome.

Because Dogwood is also a vet hospital, our staff is alert to any changes in your pet’s disposition or health. And, because Dogwood also offers spa services, you can provide your pet with additional services such as grooming, spa baths and teeth cleaning.

Although your pet will always love home best, when you need to be away, we make sure your dog or cat is safe and happy in your absence. For more information about Dogwood Veterinary Hospital & Pet Resort, please call us at 919.942.6330 or email us at We service the entire area around Chapel Hill, NC.

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