Preventative Care To Extended The Life of Your Dog

As humans we do what we can to extend our lives. It’s recommended we take preventative health care measures so we can see the golden years of our lives. The same measures can be taken with your dog, extending its life five or more years even when proper steps are followed. Here are three simple things you can do to extended the life of your dog:

Eat right– To stay at a healthy weight we try to make the best dietary decisions. We skip the fries, stop eating late at night or avoid sugary sodas. What your dog eats makes a big impact on their life span, too. They need balanced, moderately sized meals that will fuels their bodies and not increase their waistlines. Ask your veterinarian what the ideal weight for your dog should be and how much you should feed it based on their age and activity level.

Regular check ups- We do biannual health exams to find issues before they begin or treat existing issues before they get worse. A dog is no different. Regular checks ups with your dog’s veterinarian are critical since dogs age faster than humans. It’s generally recommended your dog should have two check ups a year. This may seem like a strain on the household budget, but considering you have the chance of catching illness early, it could save you money in the long run.

Socialize- In the last decade, research has shown people who socialize on a regular basis live 50 percent longer than those who stay isolated. Dogs have a better chance to live longer as well with appropriate socialization. It’s especially important for this to happen as a puppy. The first year of a dog’s life are the most formative as they have a better chance of becoming more social and less fearfully aggressive as an adult.

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