New Dog-Swapping App Available this Spring!

Everyone loves their dog, it is man’s best friend after all. But do you ever find yourself longing for more excitement in your person-dog relationship?

Brand new to the iTunes Store and on Google Play is our exclusive Dogwood Veterinary Hospital Dog Swapping app, just in time for the spring pet season. With the new app, all you have to do is upload a picture of your dog, and begin swiping left or right (left for a no bark, right for yes bark) to look for the dog you’d like to swap places with for a week or more. (The app has multiple settings you can control.)

No more boring walks or playing the same game of fetch over and over when you can trade dogs anytime you want. Want a Chihuahua that fits in your purse instead of the giant Mastiff? How about a clever German Shepherd instead of that pesky Labrador? It’s all in the app.

Of course, we’re just kidding! Just a little April Fools fun! Enjoy your Friday and spring weekend and come see us if you need anything of course!

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