Preparing Your Pet For Surgery

There comes a time in a pet’s life when they may have to undergo a surgical procedure. Whether it’s spaying, neutering, mass removals or complicated orthopedic procedures, it’s important that your pet is properly prepared for surgery. The goal at Dogwood Veterinary Hospital in Chapel Hill is to create the best opportunity for your pet to have a fast recovery.

About a week before surgery, make sure your pet is up to date on all vaccinations. Check with your veterinarian to see which ones are required for a hospital stay and surgery. Allow these vaccinations to be administered at least five days before the surgery date. This will allow the vaccines time to stimulate the immune system and provide protection for your pet.

The night before surgery, check with your veterinarian to see if you should administer any medication your pet is currently taking. Sometimes it is best to have an empty stomach for surgery. Also consider giving your pet a bath, cleaning their ears and trimming their nails the day before surgery. Once your pet comes home, you won’t be able to bathe them for several days. If bathing isn’t necessary, give your pet a good brushing the night before surgery. Also consider cleaning your pet’s bedding just before surgery so that your pet can come home to a nice clean bed, which is better if they have a procedure that involves an incision.

Finally, take away your pet’s food and water. They should abstain from food or water after midnight, as this can interfere with anesthetics. On the morning of your pet’s surgery, do not let your pet eat or drink anything. As well, allow yourself plenty of time to arrive at the veterinary hospital to avoid any unnecessary stress. You want your pet to be calm and ready for their surgery.

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