Why Boarding Your Dog Beats A Sitter

Summer is a time where most of us are travelling or taking that much needed vacation. While most of us can’t wait to get to relaxing on the sand beaches or wherever the summer takes you, there is the looming worry of making sure your pet companion is taken care of while you’re away. Unfortunately some vacations don’t allow us to always bring our pets along, but luckily boarding your dog is a safe and friendly solution to making sure your dog is having a vacation while you vacation.

Sometimes pet owners have the option of boarding their pet or hiring a pet sitter, and while there is certainly nothing wrong is hiring a sitter, most owners would want the reassurance that their pet is on a vacation of their own while they’re away as well. Here are some things you might not know can benefit your pet when you choose to board them:


Boarding your pet places them in a fun and loving environment not only around other friendly animals, but alongside a team of certified pet professionals. Compared to leaving your pet in a stranger’s home or alone in your home, this welcoming environment can boost your pets happiness while you are away and can lower any separation anxiety associated when you go on your vacations.


Making sure your pet is well fed while you’re away is extremely important not only for their wellbeing but also for keeping them on a steady eating schedule. Boarding your pet places them with professionals who will not only love your dog but also know the exact amount to feed him or her while you’re away.


Playtime is extremely important to your pet’s wellbeing during an owner’s absence. While a sitter is certainly capable of taking your pet outside and/or playing with him or her, boarding your pet places them with other friendly animals who they can live and play with during their stay. Playtime is a guaranteed value of boarding your pet and will leave them fit and happy for when you return.


When you board your pet, most owners have the option of getting them groomed before they are picked up. This can not only leave your pet looking great before you seem them again, but can also leave them happy, healthy and clean after a fun little vacation of their own.

Mental Health

Boarding your pet has countless benefits, but perhaps the most important is the effect it has on your loved one’s mental health. Being away from their owner’s for extended time can leave some pets very anxious and sad, but when they are surrounded by loving pet lovers and other animals it can work wonders for pets, leaving them happy and fit for when their owners return.

In today’s world there are various options for taking care of your pet when one needs it. While most pet sitters are professionals, you can’t beat the benefits that boarding your pet has on your pets diet, wellbeing and overall mental health. The best option is to plan your pet’s little vacation as soon as you know your plans to ensure you and your pet have the best options available to you for boarding.

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