SPECIAL: Glamour Shots For Your Dogs Dating Profile

The weather is warming in Chapel Hill, the sun is staying up longer and longer, and puppy love is in the air. If you haven’t started updating your dog’s dating profile, now is the time. To give him the best chance for a spring fling, he’ll need his best friend playing wingman. When all the other eligible K-9s and 10s in the area are pawing through dating apps, you want to make sure your buddy is presented in the best light.

Take Some New Pictures

This one is worth taking some extra time on. He’s probably been hounding you for months to get some professional photographs taken that will get the other dogs drooling and panting (well, more than usual). Get some good shots of him that show he is active, maybe chasing a squirrel. This will let them know he loves the outdoors and isn’t the type to just lay on the porch all day.

Also, get some pictures of him with his friends. Take one with his best friend (hopefully you) having a good time. A casual photo with friends shows prospective mates that he is socially competent, and if the friend’s a human, that he lives in a stable home. No lady wants to date a loser.

Update the “About Me” Section

When that cute dalmatian with the beautiful spots is reading his profile, nothing is worse than a boring, generic self-description section. Profiles with statements like, “I like fun,” “I like to laugh,” or “I enjoy having a good time,” are great at saying nothing. By definition, if you are laughing and having fun, doesn’t that mean you are enjoying whatever it is you’re doing? So, instead, say what those activities are. What makes him laugh? What is he doing when he’s having fun?

If your pup enjoys Beggin’ Strips and long walks around the neighborhood, make that clear. Or does he prefer chewing a bone on his favorite rug in front of a roaring fire? The right lady for him will want to know all that and it will make her more likely to want to find a warm spot on the rug right next to him.

Most Importantly, Just Tell Him To Be Himself

There are some gorgeous dogs in Chapel Hill, but if you don’t want him barking up the wrong tree, make sure his profile is a good representation of his true character. There’s nothing worse than mutual attraction creating an emotional connection when there are no deeper things in common to make it work long term. This can lead to heartbreak and he’ll be sitting there giving you those puppy dog eyes. No, you owe your best friend more than that. This spring, throw your dog a bone and set him up with a profile that will succeed. Oh, and April Fools.

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