The Best Dog Breeds, According to Your Lifestyle

No human is alike. We all have unique personality traits that define who we are. With that being said, dogs are the same way, as there are many unique personalities for different dog breeds. Whatever your lifestyle may be, there is a dog breed that can complement your character.  Check out the below lifestyles and the dog breeds that are best suited for each way of life.

If You Have a Family

If you have a bunch of little rascals running around your house, there are some dogs that are perfect for a busy family.

Golden Retrievers: These dogs are top contenders for the “goodest boys” of all time. Perhaps one of the most adaptive dog breeds, Goldens can be calm, energetic, loyal, dependable, very playful, cuddly, and great with kids. Golden’s love constant attention, so be sure not to leave them alone for too long – they love being brought along on all of your family adventures.

Labrador Retrievers: Labs are loveable, outgoing, active, and gentle. Labs are a wonderful family dog who adore the outdoors. If you have a fenced-in backyard, it can be a great place for a lab to play, as they love to constantly use their energy. Best suited for a moderately sized house, these dogs live well when they have room to roam.

Collies: These extremely intelligent dogs are faithful, tender, protective, and great with kids. These unique looking dogs are great for any family, as they can be a great addition to any household with their supreme behavior and intellect.


If You’re Allergic to Dogs

If you have an unfortunate allergy to dogs, whether it be dander or saliva, we have compiled a list of certain dog breeds that allergic people have an easier time living with.

Terriers: These dogs can range in size and personality, but overall terriers are affectionate, loyal, and bold. Depending on your living arrangements, be sure to consider the different sizes of terriers and choose one best fit for your lifestyle.

Schnauzers: These dogs are highly intelligent, dominant, and protective. They usually need to be trained thoroughly and given walks often. If you aren’t one to dedicate yourself to properly training a dog, a schnauzer may not be for you, but if trained properly, they can be extremely rewarding and loyal pets.

Poodles: Poodles, whether large or pocket-sized, are people pleasers. They are affectionate, easy to train, lively, and loyal. These graceful dogs live long lives and do not appreciate being alone often, so they’re best for people who love constant companionship.

If You’re a Hunter

If you’re an outdoorsman who is looking for a hunting companion, the following dogs are ideal for taking on hunting outings.

Pointers: These gun dogs display extreme agility and versatility in the field. Pointers are athletic, obedient, and perfect for hunters with families. They are excellent at finding birds and are very skillful at remembering things.

Hounds: Most hounds are well known for their remarkable noses and innate tracking abilities. Hounds are perfect for any hunter who admires endurance and grit. However, beware some hounds are rather vocal at times.

Beagles: These tenacious dogs are your ideal dogs for hunting smaller game. Beagles are incredibly loyal, energetic, and motivated. They go great with families and are even better hunting buddies.


If You’re a Couch Potato

If you enjoy relaxing on the couch for hours on end or lead a more easy-paced way of life, there are some dog breeds that are perfect for you too.

Bulldogs: Well known for their docile and lackadaisical natures, bulldogs are gentle natured pups who can snooze for hours on end. They require occasional walks to keep their stubby legs in shape, but these easy-going slobber mouths are perfect for any couch lounger. Just be aware of their food aggressiveness.

Saint Bernards: These gentle giants are great for anyone with a large house and big backyard. Due to their size, they require daily exercise, but for the majority of the day, you can find them drooling away in their sleep.

Pugs: These wrinkly balls of sunshine are great with families, individuals, other pets, and can live in many different households. While often times active, these dogs are great lap dogs who enjoy a long slumber. Be warned though, some of them have a wicked snore.

Considering the Right Dog for You

When considering which type of dog will be the next member of your family, it is always important to do research on which dogs are best for you. It is also incredibly important to consider animal shelters too before spending money on a purebred. While buying your dream dog from a breeder can be fun, there are always hopeful angels waiting for a forever home at a shelter. If you would like professional advice on certain dog breeds or have questions about your new dog, feel free to call us at Dogwood Vet at 919-942-6330.

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