Summer Grooming Tips For Your Dog

If you live in the North Carolina, or any part of the Southeast for that matter, it can stay pretty warm even past Labor Day. For humans, this means more beach trips, outdoor activities like hikes, and concerts that stretch into September. For dogs, it can mean continual heat, hot surfaces to walk on, and staying in the shade. There are a number of grooming tips that you can practice in order to keep your dog comfortable and healthy before the summer heat turns into the seasonal crispness of fall.

Trimming Fur

Some dogs naturally have more fur than others, so if you own a short-haired dog, they aren’t going to be as bothered by heat as a long-haired dog will be. Regardless, if you let your dog’s fur grow too long during warm months, they’ll not only be more uncomfortable, but their overall body temperature will be higher too. If you don’t want to spend money or don’t trust someone else to groom your dog, take notice of these easy steps for trimming your dog:

  • First, bathe and brush your dog
  • If your dog is antsy, have someone help hold him still
  • Use the right clippers to trim your dog’s fur (research which one is best for your specific dog)
  • Trim the fur slowly and be sure not to yank any hair

It is important to remember trimming does not mean you have to shave your dog’s fur completely as their coat can offer their underlying skin protection.

Paw Care

High degree temperatures can leave the pavement and other surfaces scalding hot. It is essential to keep your dog’s paws healthy and cool during warmer months because hot pavement can be incredibly damaging to their skin. In order to effectively keep your pup’s paws healthy, there are some very simple steps to follow:

  • Don’t take your dog on walks in the middle of the day. Walk your pooch in the early morning or once it’s beginning to get dark outside.
  • Trim your dog’s nails. It can be a daunting process, but if you have the right clippers and have a professional show you the proper way to trim them, it is an easy and beneficial process.
  • Keep their paws cool. An occasional cool, moist washcloth should do the trick. If you want to spoil your dog though, you could get them a small kiddie pool and fill it with cold water.

Flea and Tick Care

In North Carolina, some of the best months to be outside with your pet are during September and October. However, the warm days and oftentimes wet nature of these months are prime pest seasons too. Frequent heat and humidity allow fleas and ticks to flourish, which means your furry critters are vulnerable to picking up some of these varmints. There are some necessary precautions to consider to make sure that your pup is free from these pests:

  • Check your dog’s head, ears, and tail after every walk, or after they have been in the backyard for a while. Ticks are mighty creatures who carry disgusting diseases that are harmful to humans and dogs.
  • Purchase a flea comb. It is recommended to use these combs to check your pets for fleas. If you find your pet has fleas, speak with your veterinarian about the next steps.

While soaking up the warmth of these final seasonal months can be a blast, make sure to keep in mind the effects it can have on your furry friends. If you practice these tips that we provided, we can assure your dog will be comfortable through the end of summer and into the fall.

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