How to Introduce a New Pet to the Family

Getting a new pet can be one of the most exciting events in your lifetime, however, the ecstatic feeling of bringing home your furever friend can quickly deflate if your new pet isn’t able to become settled and fit in with your family and home environment. Check out the following tips on how to introduce your new pet to the entire family in order to make your pet as comfortable as possible during their new transition.

Don’t Rush Interactions

Everyone in the family is likely going to be more eager to engage and interact with the new furry family member. This is a completely normal emotion to feel when adopting a new pet, however when you bring an animal into a new environment, there is a solid chance that they are going to be nervous, stressed, or scared. Due to this innate behavior, the best steps to take when bringing them into your home is to introduce them to a single room where they can establish boundaries without being overwhelmed. While in this room and once the pet has made it clear that they are calm, you can begin introducing them to other members of the family intermittently. The key here is to not overload them with constant interaction in this new environment. If your pet is loving the attention and is friendly towards all of your family members, then you can continue to interact with it and show it the rest of the house, but if they are more reserved it’s likely best to let them calm down by themselves for a little while.

Meeting Other Pets

If you have other pets at home, there are going to be different approaches you should take based off of the animal species (if it’s the same or different from your new pet, for example). However, the general theme here is to not force an immediate interaction between the pets. When having a new pet greet an old pet, you’re going to want them to be introduced slowly and cautiously. All animals are going to have different personalities, which will affect how this process goes, but the idea is to have them get familiar with each other’s presences in a calm environment and not feel bombarded by new company.

When having two dogs meet each other, the best scenario is to have them both on leashes in case someone gets rowdy. Dogs will likely sniff each other for a couple of minutes and they will either play around or shrug off the presence of the other. If one of the dogs gets territorial then it is recommended to separate them and have them meet again in a more neutral environment.

When having two cats meet one another, you don’t want to put them right beside each other. The best practice here is to place them down in the same room and let them progressively interact over time. Cats are much more volatile than dogs, therefore you definitely don’t want to force their interactions. If the new cat you are introducing is younger than your older cat, then the interaction will likely be pleasant, as cats are most territorial when dealing with another cat who is around the same age as itself. Don’t expect the cats to get along right away, as it usually can take a couple of days or weeks for them to get settled with one another, but after they get comfortable you can expect them to be best friends.

Bring Your New Pet to Dogwood Vet

Adopting a new pet takes serious responsibility, and one of those responsibilities is getting them their shots and yearly checkups. At Dogwood Vet we are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to vaccinating and treating any breed of cat or dog. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment at (919) 942-6330 for routine check-ups and care.

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