How to Know if a Dog Trainer is Right for Your Pet

Training a dog has numerous proven benefits that make owning a pet significantly easier. Regardless of your dog’s age, they always have the potential to be disobedient, which means that considering a dog trainer should never be out of the picture. Maybe you’ve seen some Cesar Millan methods on TV, or you’ve tried some online techniques, but if you can’t seem to get your training under control, then it’s probably time to hire a professional.

When to Hire a Trainer

There are a variety of behaviors that would require someone to pursue hiring a dog trainer. Maybe you want to teach your dog basic manners such as sitting and shaking, or perhaps you want to teach them to be more friendly towards other dogs. No matter the severity of your demands, there is always a good reason to hire a dog trainer.

Obeying Commands

Getting a dog to obey your commands takes dedication and time. The earlier that you impact their cognitive ability, the better they will become at obeying commands. Dogs have proven that they can learn from social observations, human cues, and speech. This means that we heavily impact the behaviors that our pets exhibit. A dog trainer has the skills and knowledge to adequately use language, tone, and conditioning to make your dog obey words. Examples of commands that your dog can learn from a trainer include sitting, shaking, rolling over, speaking, fetching, stopping, and much more.

A statistical analysis recently showed that larger dogs are better at comprehending these commands than smaller dogs. This doesn’t mean that small dogs are incapable of perceiving commands, but if you are looking for a dog that you can easily train, we recommend you go for a bigger breed. When it comes to teaching commands, classical conditioning is a common technique that involves using a stimulus to gain a reaction from your dog. An example of this is giving them a treat every time they shake. This method is easy for DIYers and doesn’t take much skill; however, if your dog isn’t learning from your techniques, then it could be time to call a trainer.

Behavioral Transitions

Some dogs display unpleasant behaviors that require a trainer’s assistance. Some of these behaviors include aggressiveness, separation anxiety, bathroom mishaps, and more. When a dog exhibits these actions, it can pose a threat towards themselves, you, and other dogs.

Aggression is one of the main reasons that people hire a dog trainer. Reasons for these behaviors include territorial instincts over food, toys, and owners. It can be a challenging task to ease your dog off of it’s aggressive instincts, which is why most people seek the help of a professional.

Benefits of a Trainer

Seeing first-hand how to interact with your dog properly is the biggest benefit of dog training. You are being trained just as much as the dog is when you allow a dog trainer to help your pup. Dog training is a mutualistic relationship that benefits both the dog and the owner, as the professional who is assisting you.

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