Dr. Douthett

Dr. Douthett

Originally from a small town in Western North Carolina, Dr. Douthett realized that she had a deep love and respect for animals, whether she was caring for her family pets or for stray animals in the neighborhood. However, she never dreamed that this love of caring for animals could turn into such a huge part of who she is.

She attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and graduated with a degree in Biology. Unsure of where she wanted to go next, she began working for Duke Medicine in a human medical laboratory. As she began to feel something compelling her to work with animals in some capacity, she took a job as a veterinary assistant at a small animal hospital in Raleigh, NC, where she discovered a deep passion for the exciting and fulfilling world of veterinary medicine. She began working towards a graduate degree in animal science at North Carolina State University. She also continued exploring different careers working with animals, including research, and she ultimately decided that she was meant to become a veterinarian.

Dr. Douthett completed her pre-clinical curriculum at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and returned home to North Carolina to complete her clinical rotations at the North Carolina School of Veterinary Medicine, where she graduated with the distinction of highest honors. Following graduation in May 2016 she had been working as a small animal veterinarian, providing care to beloved pets throughout the triangle, and joined the wonderful team at Dogwood Veterinary Hospital in 2019.

Dr. Douthett’s special interests include internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, dentistry, dermatology, and palliative/hospice care. Additionally, she is a huge advocate of preventive care to preserve the health of our furry family members for as long as possible. Additionally, as a fear-free certified practitioner, she strives to provide an individualistic approach to working with every pet, minimizing stress, and working towards happy veterinary visits!

Dr. Douthett and her husband, Dennis, have two Shih Tzu’s named Frankenstein and Banjo, and two cats named Winston and Abigail. And in 2020, Dr. Douthett’s family grew even more with the addition of twin baby boys! When there is free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, spending time with friends and family, as well as DIY crafts and re-purposing projects.