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Pet Spa and Dog Grooming in Chapel Hill, NC

At Dogwood Veterinary Hospital & Pet Resort, we recognize the benefits of proper hygiene for your pet. Keeping your dog or cat well-groomed isn’t just to make them look and smell great; it will also help them feel healthy and comfortable. Each pet requires an individualized grooming protocol to help ensure maximum health benefits and meet the needs of your home environment. We are happy to educate and advise you on the best options for your family and your pet. Our Pet Stylists are pleased to offer a complete menu of spa services including professional grooming and bathing. Appointments can be made in advance to be completed during your pet’s stay in our Resort or Daycare or you can schedule a day to drop your pet off with us for a spa day!

We treat every pet like family, and that means making them look and feel their best.

Pet Stylists

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Heather Pope

Heather has been with Dogwood since 2012. She grew up in Hickory, NC, surrounded by pets. As the daughter of a veterinarian, she enjoyed a childhood with dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, horses, geese and goats. She is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and graduate of UNC-Greensboro with a Masters of Science in Exercise Science. Her first career was as an exercise physiologist, but her overwhelming love of animals and innate creativity led her to her current career as a pet stylist. She attended Nanhall School of Grooming where she learned AKC breed standard grooming and pet style grooming as well as how to groom cats. She loves caring for dogs and cats and creating a positive, calm and safe grooming environment. Her favorite aspect of grooming is taking the unique characteristics of each pet and bringing out his/her best attributes. Heather lives in Durham with her fur kids. She spends her spare time doing home improvement projects, gardening/landscaping her home, hiking with her dogs and practicing yoga.

Dogwood Vet Hospital Pet Spa Dog Grooming

Kristen Martin

Kristy recently moved from Michigan to North Carolina with her husband of 10 years, her Shih Tzu, Walter, and her cat, Lentil. She graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in Arts Education. However, she found her true passion was working with animals. She was a dedicated dog groomer for over 7 years. She later became a Surgery Assistant at Blue Pearl Animal Emergency and Specialty Hospital. Kristy’s other passions include nutrition, playing at the beach, and all things yoga. In 2015, she completed over 200 hours of training to become a certified Yoga Instructor.

Dogwood Vet Hospital Pet Spa Team

Spa hours

Monday through Friday – 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

On Wednesdays we are closed from 12pm – 2pm for staff training.

With every appointment there will be time to meet with your Pet’s Stylist to discuss your expectations and any questions or concerns that you may have about the grooming process. Our Pet Spa is a drop off service with pick up times starting around 1pm. If you would prefer to wait on your pet while she is being groomed, we offer a “Solo Spa” service. For more detailed information about our spa services, please don’t hesitate to call!

What to expect:

A typical day at the spa starts with a friendly greeting by one of our Pet Stylists. After discussing your pet’s grooming needs, your Pet Stylist will escort your pet to our outdoor walking yards for a quick potty break. Then they set each pet up in their very own bedroom until all of their grooming guests have arrived. After that, the bathing begins. Your pet will receive a bath with luxurious shampoos; they will rinse and repeat as many times as necessary to get your pet thoroughly clean. Conditioner is applied as needed for dry coats and skin. Then it’s time to relax under our dryers. After some time to rest and dry, our Pet Stylist takes each guest out individually for another potty break and offers them fresh water and treats (if allowed). From there, individualized drying and brushing techniques are used to complete the drying process. The Pet Stylist then sculpts your pet’s haircut, taking short breaks when needed to allow for rest so that your pet is never standing on the table for too long. Pick-ups are scheduled for between 1pm and 5pm. The time to complete your pet’s groom will depend on the complexity of your pet’s groom and the size of your pet.


  • Canine Guests must have current: Rabies, DHPP, Influenza and Bordetella vaccines, Fecal test or deworming (bi-annual).
  • Feline Guests must have current: Rabies, Influenza & FVCRP vaccines, Fecal test or deworming (bi-annual).

Spa Services

Dogwood Vet Hospital Pet Spa Bath Icon

Spa Bath

Your pet will receive a luxurious lathering with our quality shampoos followed by coat conditioning (if needed). We finish each bath with light brushing and drying to fit each pet’s specific needs. All baths include nail trim and ear cleaning. Prices are based on the size of your pet and coat type.

Dogwood Vet Hospital Pet Spa Hair Cut Icon

Full-Service Grooming and Hair Cuts

Just like our spa baths, your pet will receive a luxurious lathering with our quality shampoos followed by coat conditioning if needed. Our stylist will work with you to create a groom specifically for your pet based on his or her home environment, age, coat type and breed. Estimates can be tailored to fit your pet’s needs perfectly and may vary based on the type and condition of your pet’s coat as well as his or her temperament and size. All full-service grooms include nail filing and ear cleaning and a deliciously relaxing facial with Sugar Cookie scrub. Your pet’s face will be irresistibly smoochable! Puppy trims and dog hair cuts included.

We gladly offer the following add on, a-la-carte spa services. Please make note of any additional services during the time of scheduling so that our stylist can prepare accordingly.

Dogwood Vet Hospital Pet Spa Solo Spa Icon

The Solo Spa Service

A specific appointment time is set for your pet to enjoy one-on-one time with our stylist. Your pet will receive undivided attention and styling while you wait in our lounge.

Dogwood Vet Hospital Pet Spa Shed Less Icon

Shed-Less Treatment

A multi-step process that will greatly reduce the amount that your pet sheds. We use a special, fatty acid shampoo to help lift the undercoat and remove excess hair. We follow that up with a soothing, undercoat control conditioner that strengthens the hair follicle at the root to control hair loss. High velocity drying and thorough brushing with a special tool put the perfect finishing touch to your pet’s shiny, smooth coat.

Teeth Brushing

Brushing your pet’s teeth daily is the best way to maintain healthy gums and teeth. We offer a fine, flavorful enzymatic toothpaste and brush each tooth thoroughly. Please note that this is no substitute for regular oral exams and dental cleanings by your veterinarian.

Contact us today for information on pet spas in the Chapel Hill, NC area including Pittsboro, Carrboro and Hillsborough, NC.

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